Training and Diplomas:

2018 Tao Hands Practitioner Introductory Training for Energy Healing
2002 – 2004 Ray Bower, Trainer in Usui Lineage, Reiki Master Diploma
1993 ITPA (International Taoist Pulsation Association) Diploma in Acupressure, Chinese 5-Element System.
1988-90 Centre for Release and Integration, California, Diploma in Postural Integration (Comprising Deep Tissue Bodywork, Acupressure, Chinese 5-Element System, Psychotherapy, Gestalt Therapy, Encounter Therapy, Reichian Breathwork Therapy, Fine Energy Work, In Depth Anatomy)
1989 ITEC (International Therapeutic Examination Council) Certificate in Holistic Massage

Professional Membership:
I.T.E.C. (International Therapeutic Examination Council)
I.T.P.A. (International Taoist Pulsation Association)

Work experience:
2016 – present: Large Investment Bank with 3000 staff. 2016 – present: Breast Cancer Now Charity with 300 staff. Feb. 2015-2018: Fairtrade Foundation, in-house massage for 150 company staff. 2015 – 2017 Personal Masseur to Ruby Wax.
2010-2015: Substance Web Design Company, in-house massage for 30 company staff.
2006-present: Glastonbury Festival, Healing Field, Massage for festival-goers, including Robert Plant and Ruby Wax.
2011-2012 Gori, Rep. of Georgia. Working with victims of stroke and serious accidents as part of their post-operative recuperation in their own homes. Sighnaghi, Rep. of Georgia: treating physically and mentally handicapped adults in care home incl. consulting on medical course of action.
2001 – 2002: P&O Cruises. Massage, Reiki, Acupressure and other therapeutic activities for passengers.
1996 – 1999 Leeds Univsersity Sports Centre, massaging athletes and members of the public using the sports centre.
1996-1999 Northern Ballet Company, Leeds, massaging company members.
1995-1998 RJC Dance Company, Leeds, massaging company members.
1994 Massage for the members of New Model Army

And a range of other musicians, conductors, performers and trapeze artists and people from almost every walk of life. 

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