What could be nicer than having a relaxing massage in the comfort of your own home! After getting royally relaxed, you don’t have to go anywhere, except for a nice, hot bath and a snooze.

As I work on the floor, you will need:

Something soft but firm on the floor: A folded duvet does the trick; a yoga/mat or blanket underneath is good but not essential. A couple of towels to protect the duvet from the oil and a couple of towels to cover you and keep you warm (possibly a blanket too). A couple of pillows.
And of course a warm room with enough floor space for you to lie and for me to be able to move around you.

Why hire Zaka?

Yes, there is the 26 years experience, working in different countries with loads of different kinds of clients .. but moreover:

Besides soft and deep tissue massage Zaka is trained in structural bodywork for postural alignment. He is trained to assess people’s postures, spot unhealthy habitual holding patterns and release them with a style of bodywork that is designed to address overly tight or under-active muscles in order to restore a healthy posture.

This way the corrections normally achieved by massage are longer-lasting. Physical complaints caused by an out-of-balance body normally first show in chronic muscular tension.
Releasing the tension and re-educating the body can achieve lasting changes.

Zaka’s trainings also included therapeutic and energy work to complement the physical work. Thus Zaka brings a complete bundle of therapeutic massage/bodywork to his clients.