Why have in-house massage/bodywork?

Many companies are developing a proactive approach to staff well-being. It has virtually become common practice to take care of one’s staff as that improves staff performance and resilience. It also keeps staff morale high and therefore aids staff retention.

Massage reduces stress and staff sickness.

It is scientifically proven that relaxed staff are more productive, creative and efficient.

Repetitive Strain Injury (RSI) in arms, wrists and hands is a common complaint among office staff. Soft and deep massage eases muscles in the affected areas therefore preventing pain and staff needing to take time off.

Back pain is a common issue among people who sit for many hours a day. Deep tissue bodywork can ease and cure acute and chronic back problems, and change unhealthy physical holding patterns.

Many people cycle or run to work these days and exercise in their spare time in order to keep fit. Injuries sustained during those activities can cause staff absence from work. Zaka’s massage therapy deals with over-used calves, aching thigh muscles and tight shoulders before they lead to serious ailments that might need medical attention.

So taking care of your staff pays off: Staff take fewer days off with fatigue, back pain or RSI, are more productive and efficient at work, and feel taken care of by their employer!

Investing in your staff’s wellbeing is a win-win strategy – both staff and the company benefit.

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Why hire Zaka?

Yes, there are the 30 years experience, working in different countries with lots of different kinds of clients, but moreover:

Besides soft and deep tissue massage Zaka is trained in structural bodywork for postural alignment.

He is trained to assess people’s postures, spot unhealthy habitual holding patterns and to release them with a style of bodywork that is designed to address overly tight or under-active muscles in order to restore a healthy posture.

This way the corrections normally achieved by massage are longer-lasting. Physical complaints caused by an out-of-balance body normally first show in chronic muscular tension.
Releasing the tension and re-educating the body can achieve lasting changes.

Zaka’s trainings also included therapeutic and energy work to complement the physical work. Thus Zaka brings a complete bundle of therapeutic massage/bodywork to his clients.